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Rita’s Catering Trucks specializes in authentic Filipino cuisine. We use the freshest ingredients available to create our original recipes. We love our Filipino culture and we especially love the food, which is why we want to share it with all of San Francisco, CA.
The Philippines are a group of islands located in the Southeast Asian waters of the Pacific Ocean. Being that these islands are close to the equator, it makes the climate quite warm and humid for most of the year.
The Philippines are a melting pot of culture. You can find Spanish, Mexican, Japanese and other Asian influences in the music, art and especially food. There are countless traditional festivities to celebrate patron Saints and other important dates in our history. These festivities are celebrated with music, dancing and feasts.

Filipino Catering

When you taste traditional Filipino cuisine, you can expect to find Hispanic, Chinese, American and other Asian influences. The unique location of the islands allows for the integration of a lot of natural resources such as fish, fruits and vegetables. When you taste our Filipino recipes, you will often find that a sweet item may be paired with a savory item to excite your taste buds.

Our flavors are rich and bold, often including grilled meats and vegetables served along with a dipping sauce. When you come to Rita’s Catering Trucks, you will be transported to the Philippines with each bite!
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